Julie Foucault

Publish a report in a Workspace

Publish to the Power BI Service

Here is my recommended procedure to publish a report created in Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Service. When you purchase Power BI PRO licenses for your Power BI users, you will be able to...

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Open file locally to find the file path

Import a file from SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams

By importing a file as a web source, the Power BI report publishing process on the Power BI Service will be simplified. On the contrary, if the file is imported conventionally into Power BI...

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Data Source Settings window in Power BI Desktop

Edit the Credentials linked to a Cloud or Web Data Source

There are times when you need to change a data source connection credentials in Power BI Desktop. Or that you entered a wrong username. Here is a step-by-step demonstration on how to delete...

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OneDrive repository

Import a SharePoint Folder

On the Microsoft online documentation, you will find different options to Connect to a SharePoint Folder. Yet the troubleshooting scenarios do not suit the needs of many clients.   Here is...

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Files Folder in Teams

Import a Teams Folder

Here is a tutorial on how to use a blank query with SharePoint.Contents( ) to import a Teams folder and combine its content in Power BI Desktop.   The following step-by-step demonstration...

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