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Here is a tutorial on how to use a blank query with SharePoint.Contents( ) to import a Teams folder and combine its content in Power BI Desktop.


The following step-by-step demonstration shows how to import a Teams folder in Power BI Desktop and to combine its content.

The tutorial is also valid for a SharePoint or OneDrive folder.


Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow in Power BI Desktop to import and combine a Teams folder content:

  • In TEAMS, browse to the required folder and Open in app one of its files.
  • The file will open locally on your computer.
  • Under the File menu, access the Info section and click on the copy path button
  • Paste the path in Notepad
  • In Power BI Desktop, under the Home menu, click on Transform Data
  • In the Power Query window, under the Home menu, click on New Source > Blank Query
  • In the formula bar, enter: = SharePoint.Contents (“https://MonOrganisation.sharepoint.com/sites/MonÉquipe/”)
    • i.e. Copy-paste the SharePoint url root, from Notepad
  • Enter your Microsoft account credentials, if requested
  • Under the Content column, click on Table on the Documents line
  • Then click on Table on each line matching the path to the desired folder, until the folder’s files are listed
  • Click on the double arrow icon in the Content column header
  • In the First File preview window, make required selections and click OK
  • The combined folder content will be displayed, eventually!