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Here is my recommended procedure to publish a report created in Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Service.

When you purchase Power BI PRO licenses for your Power BI users, you will be able to publish and share your Power BI reports through your Office 365 environment. The first step is to publish the .pbix file to the Power BI Service.


Here is a step-by-step demonstration on how to publish a Power BI report to the Service.



Here is a tutorial on how to publish a Power BI file .pbix on the Power BI Service:

  • Save your .pbix file to SharePoint or OneDrive
    • Name your file with a generic name (and not a name referencing to a specific version)
  • Go to powerbi.com and log in with your organizational account
  • Create a workspace
  • In the workspace, click on + New and choose Upload a file
    • Click on SharePoint – Team Sites
    • In the URL box, copy and paste the URL of the SharePoint or OneDrive where the .pbix file is saved
    • Click Connect
    • Navigate in the directories and select the .pbix file to publish
  • Hover over the Dataset and click on the icon that allows to Schedule refresh
  • On the Settings page, under the Data source credentials section, click Edit credentials for each data source
    • Choose the OAuth2 method and the Organizational confidentiality level, then Connect
  • Finally, convert the workspace into an App to publish within the organization


Here is a procedure to edit a report published to the Power BI Service:

  • Browse in SharePoint or OneDrive to find the .pbix file and download it to your workstation
  • Open the file with Power BI Desktop
    • Make changes and save the file
  • Navigate to the appropriate folder on SharePoint or OneDrive and upload the updated version of the .pbix file and choose Replace so that the new file becomes the latest version
  • Access powerbi.com, access the workspace where the report is published, click on the Refresh icon on the Dataset (or wait for the next scheduled Refresh)
  • Access the report to see if the changes are published.
    • If necessary, refresh the web browser.