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On the Microsoft online documentation, you will find different options to Connect to a SharePoint Folder. Yet the troubleshooting scenarios do not suit the needs of many clients.


Here is a step-by-step demonstration on how to import a SharePoint folder in Power BI Desktop and to combine its content.

The tutorial is also valid for a OneDrive folder.



Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow in Power BI Desktop to import and combine a SharePoint folder content:

  • Under the Home menu, click on Get Data
  • Select the SharePoint Folder option
  • Copy-paste the SharePoint url root, where your folder is located
  • Enter your Microsoft account credentials, if needed
  • In the content preview window, click on Transform Data
  • In the Power Query window, Filter on the Folder Path column, with the option “Ends with”
  • Enter the last levels of the path to your folder (Ex: /Power BI/Demo/Budget/)
  • Click on the double arrow icon in the Content column header
  • In the First File preview window, make required selections and click OK
  • The Power Query window will probably get minimized: browse to return
  • The combined folder content will be displayed.