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Julie Foucault

Julie Foucault is a Microsoft Certified Professional Associate in Business Intelligence Reporting.

Management Tools

Based on her past experience in dashboard creation and business processes implementation, Julie Foucault taught processes, procedures and key performance indicators notions to future managers. With Proaction group, the workshops enlightened the benefits of communication based on objectives within the organization and of key performance indicators within a continuous improvement perspective. 

Periods of crisis or rapid growth are challenging for the quality of management dashboards.


Julie Foucault was nominated “key employee” for the Cirque du Soleil costume workshop. As a member of the team, she contributed to the rising of production bringing the gross income from 10 millions to 20 millions dollars. She contributed to the implantation of a central production and operations management system. She designed dashboards and performance indicators needed by the management to increase the work force and sub-contracting, to assure supplies and to reduce the shipping delays during that strong growth period.


At the time of the telecommunication industry crisis, Julie Foucault was in charge of sales forecasting and manpower needs analysis at Harris Corporation, Microwave Division. She designed dashboards thus guiding the managers in the progressive reduction of the workforce during the 2003-2006 period, leading to the closure of the production installations in Montreal, after which period she refused a transfer to San Antonio, Texas.

Adult Training

Julie Foucault has shown her competencies in technology teaching for which she has received the mention “Exceed Expectations” for overall training sessions.


At the Ottawa University’s Teaching Support Service, from 2014 to 2018, Julie Foucault has coached  professors on using online tools. In 2017, when University implemented a new learning management system, Julie trained over 1000 campus personnel in using the new tools now available for their appropriate needs.

CPMT Authorization

Daxel is an Authorized Instructor with the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the purpose of enforcing the Act to Promote Workforce Skills, Development and Recognition in Quebec.